Could your frozen shoulder be due to your Ileo-Cecal Valve?

Ileo-cecal Valve malfunction is responsible for many discomforts

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The Ileo-cecal valve is a valve positioned in between the large intestine and small intestine. The valve, when working well, prevents back flow of waste material from the large intestine into the small intestine. As you may imagine, the colon is filled with waste material and should go towards the anus for elimination. If it goes back the other way, and seeps into the small intestine, which is for absorption of nutrients and minerals, can you see what kind of havoc may occur? What happens, is that this starts to affect the blood, and it becomes dirty due to the auto-intoxification.

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A crippled athlete has reflexology sessions and becomes a fitness model, fully restored

Reflexology heals athlete’s debilitating back injury

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Steve Watson appeared in the Daily Star newspaper in April 2015 announcing that reflexology helped cure his debilitating back injury.
The 22 year old had reflexology treatments for 1 month and the pain completely disappeared.
Back pain and any injury can be greatly reduced or restored to health with reflexology.

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