3 day cleanse protocol

This is a modified 3 day cleanse protocol from the master herbalist, Dr. John Christopher.

This cleansing program will rebuild the vital parts of the physical body with high vibrational foods that are alive and nutritious.

This protocol will reduce any inflammation in the body, thereby decreasing the amount of mucus in the body, and increasing your level of health and vitality.

Dr. John Christopher says that mucus is the cause of allergies, the cause of disease, pain, and death.

Many other noted healers also talk about mucus, such as Dr. Sebi. He says that mucus is the cause of all disease. Disease is the accumulation of mucus.

Mucus protects the lining of our digestive tract from harm. By consuming foods and drinking liquids that are harmful, more mucus is produced to protect it.

Bernard Jensen, in his work offers a week-long cleanse which breaks down and removes the mucus lining from the intestine. In chronic ill-health, the mucus can come out like a rubber snake.

The cleanse involves just 3 ingredients; prunes, carrots, and apples.

Prunes: They contain fibre and will draw toxic waste matter from every part of the body and dump it into the intestines for elimination.

Prunes are high in potassium, a mineral that helps with vital bodily functions, such as, digestion, heart rhythm, muscle spasms, and even blood pressure.

They are a good source of iron and have many other nutrients too, such as, vitamin K, vitamin A, riboflavin, Vitamin B6, manganese, copper, magnesium, and niacin.

Prunes are low on the glycemic index which means they will raise glucose (sugar) levels in your blood slowly.

Apples: This fruit contains more oxygen than any other, this is why it turns brown quickly after the inner flesh is exposed to the air.

Apples purify the blood and help many varieties of ailments. They have an anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant effect that assist the health of the individual in may ways.

The pectin in apple is a type of fibre that acts as a prebiotics. Good bacteria in your gut need prebiotics in order to thrive.

Carrots: Betacarotene is a carotenoid, a potent antioxidant found in carrots and is responsible for giving the vibrant orange colour in carrots.

Carrots help boost the immune system, improve eye problems, reduce cholesterol, and relieve constipation.

Prunes, apples and carrots greatly assist the liver to remove harmful toxic matter and pathogens from the blood.

How to do the cleanse

It is recommended to ease off from anything that may be causing inflammation in the first place, such as coffee, alcohol, sweets, processed food, dairy, and wheat. In this manner, if you experience symptoms of detoxification, it will not be so harsh.

It is best to choose the days in which you will be most relaxed. Do not schedule your cleanse if there is a birthday party coming up or any other special event!

If you do not work on Saturdays and Sundays, it will be best to start on a Friday.

Ingredients (per person):

27 organic prunes plus extra for any snacking.
2 kilos plus of organic carrots
15 organic apples at least.

Note: If you do not have a blender, you may buy organic carrot juice and apple juice separately, as long as they do not contain additives or preservatives.


carrot apple juiceHydrate 9 prunes in water and soak overnight.

On the 1st day of the cleanse, upon rising, blend the prunes in water and drink 2 cups.
Juice enough carrots and apples to make 6 cups worth (48 oz). Store in airtight bottles.

Half an hour later after drinking the prune juice, drink 1 cup of pure, filtered water.

One hour later drink 1 cup of carrot and apple juice.

One hour later drink 1 cup of pure, filtered water.

One hour later drink 1 cup of carrot and apple juice.

Continue this way throughout the day.

If you feel hungry towards the evening, you may eat carrots, apples or a few prunes.

For the 2nd and 3rd day it is exactly the same. Remember to hydrate the prunes the night before.

Note: If you are juicing this is something that I like to do to get the most out of your cleanse. Keep the pulp from the apples and carrots and put them in a large pot. Add water until it covers the pulp. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds. Simmer for 30 minutes, strain the liquid and keep it in a large thermos.

You can drink this stock throughout the day. Fennel seeds are help to calm the digestive system, and help relax the nervous system.

During the 3 day cleanse

When the toxic matter is broken up and taken towards the channels of elimination, there are times where you can feel rough, quite often feeling worse than before the cleanse. You might feel an intensification of an existing pain or tension. Do not panic. This is the result of the poisons having to go through the body, coming out in the fastest way possible.
You may experience weakness, lethargy, and headaches.

Upon finishing the cleanse

Introduce foods slowly again for a few days, such as steamed vegetables with a little bit of oil and pepper added to the end. Salad, soup and anything light for the stomach.

My account of the 3 day cleanse:

1st day
Friday 10th January 2020
I had 4 hours of work in the afternoon, and I was able to  carry out the sessions with good energy and a clear mind. When the evening came round, about 7 pm, there was hunger, a fuzzy feeling in the head, and some tension in the neck.

2nd day
Saturday 11th January 2020
I had very vivid dreams, and I woke with a slight fuzzy sensation in the head which disappeared soon after I drank the prune juice.
There was no neck tension throughout the whole day but the fuzzy sensation did come and go.
There were no food cravings or exceptional feelings of hunger until we went into the supermarket to buy more dehydrated prunes!
The smell of food appeared to be more intense and the stomach felt as if it could roar very loud.

3rd day
Sunday 12th January 2020
Again, I had very vivid dreams, they were long and of a nightmare nature.
There was no pain, discomfort, hunger or any fuzzy sensation in the head. The detox symptoms appeared to have subsided completely.
During mid-morning, I had released a lot of mucus. There was a lot of good quality energy and clarity.

To avoid mucus accumulation within the body again after the cleanse, it would be good to know what are the inflammatory, mucus-causing foods.
In most cases, with most people, they are:

  • Wheat, brown and white
  • Dairy products
  • Refined, processed food, including sugar
  • Red meat, such as pork and beef

As a general rule, always drink plenty of pure, filtered water.

Steaming, boiling, or eating raw foods are superior in receiving nutritional needs.

It is best not to expect any miracle results with this cleanse. It is recommended to do this cleanse every month or at a minimum twice a year. In this way, your body can consistently remove mucus, pathogens, and toxins in a gentle, safe way over an extended period of time.