A crippled athlete has reflexology sessions and becomes a fitness model, fully restored

Reflexology heals athlete’s debilitating back injury

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Steve Watson appeared in the Daily Star newspaper in April 2015 announcing that reflexology helped cure his debilitating back injury.
The 22 year old had reflexology treatments for 1 month and the pain completely disappeared.
Back pain and any injury can be greatly reduced or restored to health with reflexology.

Reflexology sessions can be given at Centro Terapeutico Javea. 
Steve Watson was in constant pain, unable to bend and unable to do any exercise. He had to have support to be able to move around.
“For 18 frustrating months, Steve would undergo physician guidance to try and repair the muscle and bone damage, but with very little progress and still very limited mobility.” states the Daily Star.
Many people underestimate the power of reflexology, the ancient healing art dating back to at least Ancient Egypt, 2330 BC.  How could the feet have any connection to the rest of body? Somehow it does and it has been proven scientifically that reflexology works. Double-blind study tests have demonstrated that there is an increase of blood flow to a part of the body while the corresponding reflex is being stimulated. The measuring device used is a doppler sonogram which measures arterial blood flow.
When you give the body back its natural resources, the body is able to auto-heal itself. The resources therefore indicate, more nerve and blood supply (more oxygen, minerals and nutrients are delivered to the cells) and more energy is supplied through stimulation of the meridians which is a network of energy delivering vitality to every organ, gland and structure in the body.

When Steve Watson decided to try reflexology he comments “within two weeks the pain was considerably better, and within a month it was gone.”

Many people ask me what the frequency of reflexology should be. In a situation like Steve Watson’s, three times a week would be the most effective, but generally speaking, most people need twice a week for three weeks and then a maintenance can be done once every 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
The frequency of sessions is important to begin with because the effectiveness of the treatment is at it’s maximum when the sessions are closer together.

The tender reflex areas in a session may peak at the 2nd or 3rd session and typically reduces with subsequent sessions.

Steve Watson says: “Like many, prior to the reflexology treatment I was a real sceptic, and now I’m kicking myself for not trying it much earlier following my injury.
“I would strongly recommend alternative treatments to anyone who has been let down by conventional treatment.
“It totally worked for me and if it worked on me it can work on anyone.”
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