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According to the website “muy interesante” it has been estimated that 14 million people in Spain suffer from allergies, thats 30% of the population!. Scientists believe that by the year 2020, there will be one in every 2 people who will have an allergy.

Allergies which are not seen to can result in a reduction of working days and school attendance.

Allergies occur due to a response from the immune system, it overreacts by producing antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE). These antibodies travel to cells that release chemicals, causing an allergic reaction.

With kinesiology, allergies can be dealt with in quite a simple way, boosting your immune system and finding the right nutrition that will help reduce or clear the allergic reaction.

50% of immunity is good digestion, therefore, there are some factors that should be considered:

  1. Are you actually digesting your food? Our stomach contains powerful enzymes and hydrochloric acid which breaks down the food we eat and is made into chyme, ready to go into the small intestine where all the absorption takes place. If your food is not broken down properly, then you may not be absorbing as well. We are what we absorb! 1 tip I can offer is to eliminate chewing gum completely, as this tricks the stomach into thinking that you are eating food. This weakens the stomach wall’s lining and disrupts the enzyme and hydrochloric acid production. The right kind of enzyme supplement can be detected through kinesiology muscle testing.
  2. How is your attitude? a positive attitude heightens our immunity. If we are eating the best organic foods but have a negative view on life and the World around us, this will have a very negative impact on digestion. Please don’t watch the news or read a newspaper whilst eating or drinking! you are digesting it mentally, emotionally and physically! Stress is known to reduce immunity, one way to combat stress is ensure you are doing something that you really love every day, and taking regular drinks of warm water and herbal infusions.
  3. Is the bowel frequent? If you are eating 3 times a day, then, optimally the bowel should empty itself this number of times in a day, it should be a minimal amount of 2 though. If the bowel movement is sluggish, and there is constipation, then the could be a build of of toxic matter and unfriendly proliferating organisms! This in turn, has a negative impact on the blood, making it polluted. There are plenty of ways to enhance bowel frequency, such as eating the right kind of fibre, drinking more water, and getting rid of some of the most constipating foods, such as wheat!!

In kinesiology, we do a very powerful technique called the Immune System Boost. We find which glands are out of balance, and we find emotional disturbances that may have a connection with lowering immunity, we find some supplements such as vitamin C, Vitamin B’s, perhaps an adaptogen (for stress), Bach flower remedies to help with that emotional stress, followed by the kinesiology corrections which involve specialised lymphatic rubbing, enhancing meridian energy flow connected to stress, and holding points to encourage blood supply to a particular part of the body.

Apart from the immune system boost, there is a powerful kinesiology technique to desensitise sensitivities.

If someone has a specific allergy, for example, their cat, then some fur can be placed in a bag and sealed to be brought into the session to address it specifically. The right supplement can be found which will help against the allergic reaction.

The thymus is associated with the spleen, and is connected with our immune system and self-esteem. A wonderful technique I can share with you to boost immunity is to tap the Angle of Louis which is connected to the thymus (to the waltz rhythm is best). The Angle of Louis is located to the left of your breastbone as indicated in the diagram below, when pressed, it’s usually tender.

Tap this area whilst making statement’s such as Louise Hay’s affirmation for allergies: “The World is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.”

Give the angle of Louis tap a go for 6 weeks every day, for a few minutes in the morning and evening whilst including the tips from above to boost your immune system.

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