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bach flower remediesBach flowers are very useful when it comes to emotional challenges. In every kinesiology session, they are used to help overcome stuck, unprocessed emotions.

This is one of my favourite quotes by Louise Hay:

“In order to clean a house, you must first see the dust”

It is part of life that we are to be presented with challenges – how evolved we are determines how well we deal and perceive stresses and challenges.

Most of us tend to suppress emotions and say that everything is “fine”, when the truth might be, you are not ok, you are worried about finances, angry at mum for trying to control your life, sad that you don’t get any support in the work environment, etc…

Emotions are powerful tools to help guide us through life and align us with our path, if we could only but listen.

Emotions can be very loud, and you can see, feel, hear, and perceive nothing but the problem. It’s screaming at you!

Fortunately, Bach flowers can be very useful here, as they can balance and stabilize the mind, so that you have the chance to observe the challenges rather than be sucked in its never-ending vortex.

The way you take Bach flower remedies are by placing a few drops under the tongue.

You can mix your own Bach flower remedies together, up to 6 different remedies, in a small 30ml bottle by adding a full squirt of each remedy and then adding about a quarter of brandy, then fill up the rest with pure filtered water.

Below is a list of remedies and their description:

Agrimony is the remedy when you are hiding your emotions from others. It’s like putting on a cheerful face or appearing normal, when the truth is that you’re suffering.
An example could be your boss giving a promotion to a colleague when you worked harder than anyone in the same office. You feel you should have earned that promotion, but instead of showing disappointment to your boss, you hide your feelings to not upset your boss or colleague.
This remedy helps you to be honest with yourself and to accept yourself as you are. It can also help you to accept and respond creatively to conflict.

Aspen is a remedy for unknown fears. These can be uncertainties, or “what if” fears.
A classic example is “what if I fail my driving test!”

Aspen helps you to have more faith in your life and open you up to life’s experiences, when things could appear to go wrong.
The remedy helps to enhance your ability of courage and fill you with inner strength.

Beech is for intolerance. It helps you to accept the way people are and their differences. It can help you to see the good in others.

Example given: Your partner does not like to spend anything which is not necessary, and is extremely tight with money. You get intolerant of your partner’s attitude when you want to buy something. The remedy can help you to understand that your partner is trying to protect the family finances because growing up, the parents had nothing and were very poor.

This is a good remedy to have if you are quick to judge others or yourself.

Centaury is for the kind soul who wants to help others, but the problem is that you just can’t say “no”, even if you are overwhelmed. In other words, you could feel like a “doormat” to others.

Example: Your mum wants you to watch her favorite TV show with her in the lounge, but you have an important assignment to do. You find it hard to say “no” when all your mum wants is to show you how much she likes spending time with you, and wants to include you in what she enjoys.

This remedy will help you to establish boundaries with others, and to take priority of your own needs. This way it can help you to help others more effectively.

Cerato is when you lack the confidence to trust your inner voice, and if a decision is made, you may doubt if what you chose was the right thing. You may also seek constant approval or guidance from others.

Example: A salesperson approaches you and tells you all about the magnificent things that a product can do. It’s quite expensive and you feel that his intentions are not to the best of your interest. You decide to purchase this product but you ask your friends for their opinion on the product and you ask yourself “oh gosh, did I do the right thing?”.

This remedy will help you to become confident in following what you know is right for you, yet open to advice that is appropriate for you.

Cherry Plum is a remedy for fear of losing control, acting irrationally, the feeling of going mad, or that you will do something dreadful, such as injuring yourself or others.

Example: You want your employee to carry out a simple task, but this person doesn’t deliver. You begin to have irrational thoughts and impulses about this person, which build up, and finally you explode like a volcano, which later you may regret.

This remedy will help you to remain balanced under extreme stress, and will help you to surrender control to the wisdom of the higher self.

Chestnut Bud is for a pattern that keeps repeating itself in your life, in which you fail to learn the lessons from it.

Example: You are in a relationship which is emotionally abusive, but so were your other 4 partners before that! There seems to be an apparent attraction to someone who abuses you emotionally.

This remedy will help you to observe the lesson or life experience closer, and to see what needs to be learnt from it.

Chicory is a remedy for when you are a “mother-type” figure, very caring and full of love and you like to feel needed, you like to be the one to give advice to others and take on a central role in family life, and/or friendship circles. You can feel very hurt or let down if your advice is not taken on board, or if you don’t feel needed. You can then become very posssesive and not easily allow others to have their independance.

Example: You gave advice to your daughter that she ought to have the same university studies as you did so that she can continue the family business and succeed in life. She announces that she will be studying something completely different. You feel hurt and let down that she did not take on your advice and that she did not even want to work alongside with you in the family business.

This remedy helps you to respect the individuality of others, and assists you in loving others for the sake of love itself and not for any ulterior motive.

Clematis is for when you find your mind often drifting away, such as in daydreaming, or imagining future scenarios. There may be no interest in life itself.  If there is illness, there may be little or no effort to get well.

Example: You’re dreaming of being promoted with a higher salary in your office job, and the expensive house and car you could potentially afford but because your mind is so distracted, it pulls you away from doing the work which would allow you to get closer to fulfilling your dream.

This remedy helps to become fully awake in the here and now. It brings you back to Earth so that you can act to build a better life.

Crab Apple is for when you dislike some aspect of your appearance or personality, or perhaps you feel unclean in some way.

Example:  Everytime you touch a door handle, you feel the need to wash your hands vigourously because you feel that you are covered in germs.

This remedy helps you to accept the imperfections, and to feel clean and harmonious on all levels of Being.

Elm is for when you feel overwhelmed, in additon you may feel a loss of confidence because of it. You feel unable to cope with daily life.

Example: If you’re a single parent looking after your 2 children, responsable for keeping the house clean, and working to bring money in. You feel overwhelmed.

This remedy helps to dispel feelings of overwhelm so that you can resume your life without failure.  It brings back the confidence in being able to fulfil your life’s mission.
If you are a perfectionist, it helps to release the burden of striving to be perfect.

Gentian is a remedy for when you feel mild downheartedness when something went wrong.

Example: You were late for your best friend’s dinner party because you were stuck in traffic.

This remedy will help the feeling of downheartness lift a lot sooner than it would normally do. It also helps you to take responsability for having created that reality. If you get a lot of setbacks in life in pursuit of something, the remedy will help you to persevere.

Gorse is for when you feel like you have given up on belief and hope. If ill, you may think that you are incurable. It is also a remedy for uncertainty.

Example: You have tried everything to give up smoking but find it too addictive and feel too anxious when you don’t smoke. So you give up, wanting to give up smoking.

This remedy helps to restore faith. It can help to see things in a different light, which can help you to move forward.  Gorse helps you to accept the ups and downs that life brings.

Heather is the remedy to take if you do not like to be alone, and you may find that you latch on to people, talking at exhaustive length about problems. This may cause people to distance themselves away, thus the fear of being alone comes forth.

Example: You had an operation and you go into great detail about it, and it is very difficult to stop talking when you are in the heather state. It is very difficult for you to listen to others.

This remedy helps you to become a good listener, and to relate well to others with 2 way conversations.

Holly is the remedy for a feeling towards others of negativity and aggression, such as hatred, suspicion, envy and spite. In this state, you can also feel very distrustful of others.

Example: You perceive your new neighbour to be more attractive than you, and you feel envy towards this person.

Holly will help encourage our hearts to open up, and allow love to flow within us. It can help you to not get upset easily, and create a sense of balanced sensitivity.

Honeysuckle is connected with your mind locked in the past, perhaps towards the loss of a loved one, or a type of homesick feeling when going somewhere different.

Example: You divorced your partner 10 years back and you dwell on past misfortunes with this person.

This remedy helps you to learn from the past without needing to relive it, being able to truly let go.

bach flowers

Hornbeam is for when you are tired at the thought of having to do things. The Monday morning feeling! Great for procrastinators.

Example: After watching too much TV, you see that you need to cook dinner, wash the dishes, iron etc.. and you just can’t be bothered.

Hornbeam can help you to feel fully awake, with mental clarity. You can get on with things needing to be done. This remedy will help you have sufficient strength to carry out the tasks ahead.

Impatiens The name basically speaks for itself. This bach remedy is for impatience and irritability. There is usually a lot of inner tension, and there can be a deal of frustration.

Example: You send a staff member home early just so you can finish the job that the member started because you feel you can do a better job yourself.

This remedy helps you to become patient and calm, and able to work with others easier in a relaxed manner.

Larch is the remedy if you feel a lack of confidence in yourself and not as competent as others. You may also assume that you will fail, and often don’t bother to try.

Example: You start a new job, but you already feel like you will not succeed in the position and perhaps get fired quickly.

This remedy helps you to have a more confident outlook on life and encourages you to tackle new projects. Fear of failure can start to diminish.

Mimulus is for fear of known things. you may be easily startled at loud noises, or disturbed by bright lights and crowded situations.

Example: known fears are of spiders, flying, heights, water, not having enough money, aggressive dogs, illness, death etc…

This remedy helps you to become brave and courageous, and more comfortable in group situations. It can help you to recognize each difficulty as an opportunity for new growth.

Mustard is for deep gloom and doom for no apparent reason. It is for sad or depressive states. It can feel like a dark cloud hanging over your head.

Example: You wake up one morning and just feel very low, down, depressed for no reason whatsoever.

This remedy allows for a bright and sunny disposition, dispelling the clouds that caused the doom and gloom.

Oak is for when you are already tired, but you just keep carrying on with sheer determination, and never consider to rest until past the point of exhaustion.

Example: You are a boss with staff working for you. They rely too much on you, and so you need to keep carrying on with the tasks of the day.

This remedy helps you to remain strong in adversity, but also encourages you to rest and relax when it is duly needed.

Olive Mental and physical exhaustion. You feel too tired to do anything.

Example: You have spent a long day driving or travelling and once you get home, you suddenly feel how exhausted you have become.

This remedy will help increase energy levels on the physical and mental levels. Olive will give you what is needed to restore strength.

Pine is the remedy for when you feel guilty and the need to apologise frequently. You may also feel that you are always in the wrong, blaminging yourself for things that you have done or not done.

Example: You have a relative who is unwell, and eventually passes. There is a sense of guilt that you did not look after or visit this relative enough whilst they were ill.

This remedy helps you to forgive yourself and recognize your self worth. In the case that something was your fault, pine will help you to acknowledge the fault without dwelling on it.

Red Chestnut is the remedy whereby you have over concern for the wellbeing of others. The concerns are magnified to the point where they can have a negative effect on the people who are the object of concern.

Example: Your teenager wants to go out at night with friends and you become anxious and concerned for the wellbeing and safety of your child.

This remedy helps you to calm down and trust that everything is in the right place. You are able to send healing thoughts to those you love.

Rock Rose is the remedy for “rabbit in the headlights” type of horror and fright. Your whole Being seizes up and it is difficult to function comfortably on any level.

Example: An involvement in an accident will need the help of rock rose.

This remedy provides calm and courage. It can also help you to sleep deeply and undisturbed.

Rock Water This remedy is for when you become very rigid and controlling of yourself, particularly of lifestyle. The intention behind this may be to show people how good you are, hoping to change others to their way of thinking.

Example: You want your family to create healthier food choices so you go on a very rigid diet, and strict abstincence from the things you want your family to stop having also.

This remedy doesn’t stop you from having high ideals or from trying to meet them. It helps you to unbend, becoming kinder to yourself. Others may often be changed in some way by our example but only if that example is from love, love for ourselves and others, not through self-denial and rigidity.

Scleranthus is for when your mind is like a grasshopper, jumping from one idea to the next. It is for the inability to make up your mind or to make a decision. It can also be for mood swings.

Example: Should I marry Joe or Peter?

This remedy helps you to become decisive and positive about the decision. Scleranthus can help reconnect you with your intuition.

Star of Bethlehem is for when there is shock, trauma,upset or bad news. To be taken in crisis. It can also be used for the sense of emptiness when someone passes away. Also for any childhood trauma which is still useful even when the initial trauma happened many years ago.

Example: You receive some bad news, and shock waves fill your entire body and throws the mind and body into chaos.

This remedy is comforting and allows you to deal with the shocks much easier.

Sweet Chestnut is the remedy for when it feels that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You can see no way out of your difficulties and this causes mental torture and anguish.

Example: You needed to find a solution to a problem and you have explored all avenues. you have reached the limit of your endurance and you can see no way out. You feel alone in the World.

This remedy helps you to understand that you are your own master, and helps to renew hope and strength. Oftentimes, there is a way out, and it appears when you least expect it.

Vervain is for when you are very tense, stressed and highly strung. There is a lot of hyperactivity, and you are highly enthusiastic. In this state, you may feel a strong need to persuade others, but this can make you very narrow minded if not careful.

Example: You want to change the World and you feel the need to convert others to your beliefs.

This remedy helps to regain balance so that body and mind can be restored. You will be able to work in a more balanced positive manner, and become a healthy inspiration to others.

Vine is the remedy for when you refuse to be wrong. You are always right no matter what. You know your own mind and you know what is best for others. This state can be very dominating.

Example: Tyrannical fathers and overbearing bosses that expect absolute obedience from others.

This remedy helps to encourage good leadership skills, open to the opinions of others. Your inner power is balanced and you respect the individuality of others.

Walnut is for protection against outside influences and being able to adapt to new environments. You might feel very resistant to change.

Example: You are considering having your first child but you feel you might not be ready for such a big change.

This remedy helps you in every transition point in your life. It helps to break links with the past so that you can move forward more easily.

Water Violet this remedy is for any feeling of superiority over others. You are talented and very capable, and you may be very quiet, preferring your own company or that of a few close friends.

Example: You feel you have a “special” mission in life and you feel a sense of pride, or superiority. Spiritual superiority. A feeling of loneliness can occur.

This remedy will help break down the barrier between you and others. It helps to bring you back into balance so that you can be more involved with humanity.

White Chestnut is for when your thoughts are like an old record player, they are unwanted and may create mental arguments.

Example: You are lying in your bed at night and all you can think about is a particular event of the day which made you feel upset.

This remedy will enable you to have a clearer mind, being able to think positively with a calmer mind.

Wild Oat is for when you are uncertain with your direction in life.

Example: You feel that you never found the right occupation in life.

This remedy helps you to become clear as to where you need to go in life. It helps you reconnect with your sense of purpose.

Wild Rose is for when you have accepted all that life has thrown at you and the feeling of not being bothered arises. Life can feel a bit dull, and there is no enthusiasm. You might be putting tasks off for another day – the mañana attitude!

Example: You have something that needs fixing in the house but you can’t be bothered to fix it

Wild rose helps to reawaken your interest in life. A sense of purpose can be restored.

Willow is for when you experience self-pity and resentful about the way your life has gone. In another way, you may feel reluctant to admit when your own life goes well. There is a preference to be grumpy.

Example: You feel emotionally abused by someone and you hold a grudge against this person, unable to forgive, for years and years.

This remedy helps you to forgive others, and to not hold grudges. It helps you to become more self-aware of any negative thinking that may attract the very ill-fortune of which we complain.