How to address fibromyalgia symptoms

Read to find out a possible cause of fibromyalgia and how you can reduce the symptoms.
26th May 2019/by EquilibriumTerapias

Blood Tests For Thyroid Function Are Not Always Accurate

Functional hypothyroidism is common and often unrecognized by the modern medical community due to the blood containing thyroxin levels within the normal range, however, thyroxin imbalances will only show in blood tests if 75% of the gland is inefficient.
19th May 2019/by EquilibriumTerapias

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Many people suffer from digestive issues, therefore…
10th October 2018/by EquilibriumTerapias

How to beat sugar cravings

It can be quite frustrating when you want to lose the excess…
10th September 2018/by EquilibriumTerapias

How to make the protective lining of your gut super strong from unwanted bacteria/matter 



As the name suggests, leaky gut results from…
28th May 2018/by EquilibriumTerapias

Lose weight successfully with kinesiology

Lose Weight easily with Kinesiology


I have quite…
23rd January 2018/by EquilibriumTerapias

Allergies and how to overcome them

According to the website "muy interesante" it has been estimated…
8th April 2017/by EquilibriumTerapias

Could your frozen shoulder be due to your Ileo-Cecal Valve?

Ileo-cecal Valve malfunction is responsible for many discomforts

27th February 2017/by EquilibriumTerapias

A crippled athlete has reflexology sessions and becomes a fitness model, fully restored

Reflexology heals athlete's debilitating back injury

27th February 2017/by EquilibriumTerapias

The 4 Nastiest Foods

Here in this blog, you will find the 4 nasty foods which are the most recommended to eliminate from your diet. By following this advice, you are well on your way to feeling better than ever before, and you won't regret it one bit. Do it for at least 6 weeks and experience the phenomenal changes within and out.
15th January 2017/by EquilibriumTerapias

Equilibrium-Terapias Welcome Post

This website has been created to inform to the public regarding the services that I offer, also, information that will serve as a useful guide to enhance the health and well-being of the reader.
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