Allergies and how to overcome them

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Could your frozen shoulder be due to your Ileo-Cecal Valve?

Ileo-cecal Valve malfunction is responsible for many discomforts

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The Ileo-cecal valve is a valve positioned in between the large intestine and small intestine. The valve, when working well, prevents back flow of waste material from the large intestine into the small intestine. As you may imagine, the colon is filled with waste material and should go towards the anus for elimination. If it goes back the other way, and seeps into the small intestine, which is for absorption of nutrients and minerals, can you see what kind of havoc may occur? What happens, is that this starts to affect the blood, and it becomes dirty due to the auto-intoxification.

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A crippled athlete has reflexology sessions and becomes a fitness model, fully restored

Reflexology heals athlete’s debilitating back injury

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Steve Watson appeared in the Daily Star newspaper in April 2015 announcing that reflexology helped cure his debilitating back injury.
The 22 year old had reflexology treatments for 1 month and the pain completely disappeared.
Back pain and any injury can be greatly reduced or restored to health with reflexology.

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The 4 Nastiest Foods

There are plenty of nasty, ill-enhancing foods which can be easily found anywhere. In this blog, I want to break it down to 4 food groups which you most definitely need to eliminate from your diet if you want any chance of improving your health and well-being. It’s a bold statement, but that is the truth!

Where I live around Javea, there is a wealth and abundance of fruits and vegetables to be found. I love going to the Thursday market to Javea, Friday market in Moraira, or a very cute one to go to is the Jesus Pobre Farmers market on Sundays. Jesus Pobre is a favorite of mine because they sell pretty much all organic food, they sell cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil, raw honey, handmade crafts and clothes, and more.

When you have these beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables around you, why would you go to a supermarket? You can support these local hard working people and I would even say, its better quality, and cheaper!

When I go to a supermarket, I ignore 90% of it because the products are just not life-supporting and I will explain why below. The only reason I would go to the supermarket would be to get toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, and thats pretty much it. The rest I get from the farmers market and the local health shop.

The 4 nasty foods to eliminate

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Equilibrium-Terapias Welcome Post

Welcome to Equilibrium-Terapias!

My name is Michelle Lodge Gonzalez, I am the owner of Equilibrium-Terapias, and I live in Benitachell on the Costa Blanca, Spain. I originally had called my business Milo-Holistic when I offered reflexology and reiki services in 2012. The name Milo-Holistic was born because it was a combination of Michelle and Lodge, plus the holistic because my intention waste work holistically and look at the person as a whole.

The name Equilibrium-Terapias was created in 2016 due to another study added to my belt, called Kinesiology. This therapy blows me away, it is beyond anything I could ever have imagines. It is beyond in the sense that it contacts the innate intelligence inside of us, call it what you will, and the whole session is guided by it! It is the only form of natural health care which is complete in all aspects and addresses all the various realms; physical, emotional, nutritional and electrical. There is no guesswork with kinesiology, and that is a beautiful thing to know.

Alternative therapies Javea moraira benissa denia

The symbol of the tree is one that all human beings connect with. The core of the tree, the trunk is very solid and connects to the ground and takes its water and nourishment through the roots. It also connects to the sky via the branches and leaves, taking up the energy from the sun. As a human being, we can build our inner core strength and stand like the tree, reaching out to invite the warm rays of the sun which are necessary for vitamin D production, mood enhancement, amongst other things. We can also be rooted into the Earth, to feel grounded. If we are too much in our heads, we are not grounded.

Finally, the tree represents, a stillness, a sacred, timeless, work from the Creator, an unmovable force which instills a wonder within us. We can also be like trees, moving through life, representing peace, gracefulness, and strength within every cell of our body.

This website has been created to inform to the public regarding the services that I offer, also, information that will serve as a useful guide to enhance the health and well-being of the reader.