Could your frozen shoulder be due to your Ileo-Cecal Valve?

Ileo-cecal Valve malfunction is responsible for many discomforts

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The Ileo-cecal valve is a valve positioned in between the large intestine and small intestine. The valve, when working well, prevents back flow of waste material from the large intestine into the small intestine. As you may imagine, the colon is filled with waste material and should go towards the anus for elimination. If it goes back the other way, and seeps into the small intestine, which is for absorption of nutrients and minerals, can you see what kind of havoc may occur? What happens, is that this starts to affect the blood, and it becomes dirty due to the auto-intoxification.

Below is a list of possible symptoms for Ileco-Cecal Valve (ICV) malfunction:

Abdominal pain, cramps


Frozen shoulder (80% of all frozen shoulders are due to an ICV malfunction)

Lethargy, tired all the time

Neck pain, stiffness in joints

Chest pains

Heart palpitations

Sudden lower back pain and pain in the back where the bra strap on a woman would be.

Tinnitus, ringing in the ear

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Body odour

Candida Albicans

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Constipation and diarrhoea


Hip pain (particularly on the right)


Knee pain

How to correct an Ileo-Cecal Valve malfunction?

In kinesiology we test to see if the ICV is malfunctioning. If it is, we find out if it is because you need some supplementation and/or it is due to some emotional trauma as this can also send it out of balance. We find the root cause and then do quite a bit of specialised lymphatic stimulation and energy work involving meridians.

During the corrections we use deep pressure on the ICV and Houston, and this stimulation often creates a referral pain to other parts of the body such as the neck, shoulder, hip, etc.. typically where there is active pain or where there has been an injury in the past. This is due to the extensive abdominal fascia sheath connections. The fascia is a fibrous connective tissue which is present throughout the entire body.

There are some supplements that I test to help increase its function, such as;

Psyllium husks: these are pure fibre and is very effective in getting the bowels to move. The fibre creates a bulk mass which allows the colon to push against and become stronger.

Cascara sagrada: unplugs your bowels, it’s very good for long term contipation

Aloe vera: Well known for its soothing properties. It is helpful for all kinds of allergies, skin diseases, blood disorders, ulcers, liver diseases, high blood pressure and kidney stones, just to name a few.

Slippery elm: It makes everything slippery in your digestive tract! It’s very good to get the bowel moving, absorbs toxins from the bowels and increases fecal bulk like psyllium husks.

MSM: Well known anti-inflammatory, will also help with weight loss

Caprylic Acid: Helpful against candida, enhances gut flora.

All herbs/supplements are very powerful, and yet, your body knows which one specifically it needs. With kinesiology, your muscle will strengthen to the right kind of herb/nutrient.

There will be a need for a diet change for 2 weeks only following an ICV correction.







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