Tinnitus is a ringing, whistling, whooshing or a rushing sound in the ear. In some cases it can impact people’s lives in a very negative way.

Soon after my mum passed away, I had started to experience tinnitus in my left ear. It wasn’t the typical high-pitched sound, rather, a low-pitched throbbing sound, that exacerbated when I listened to a deep resounding voice or musical instrument.

From casually talking with some friends to experiencing stress, the tinnitus would flare up.

Although it did not disturb my sleep, it was disruptful. I wanted to wash out whatever was inside my ear and be done with it. You just could not run away from it.

I had this for over a year, and I managed to heal myself in a very short amount of time.

Since then, from time to time, I have had a few clients with tinnitus, and I have discovered that there are different causes.

The one that I had was caused by a heavy metal imbalance, and after one month of ingesting the heavy metal detox protocol, the tinnitus disappeared completely. I also came to understand that when you experience a traumatic stress, such as losing a parent or loved one, your immune system gets battered, therefore weakening your defense system against pathogens, bacteria, viruses  etc..

What’s interesting is that, I had read Medical Medium’s book: Secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal. In his book he states that the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) enters the labyrinth, the inner ear’s nerve channel.

Since the virus eats on matter such as heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, and adrenaline amongst other things, it then secretes a neurotoxin that inflames the central nervous system. The inflammation affects the vestibulocochlear nerve (auditory nerve), the vagus nerve, and vibrates the labyrinth in the ear.

Therefore, this is what I believe happened to me. The shock and trauma of my mum passing away had plummeted my immune defense system, allowing the Epstein Barr Virus to rise up, and then by eating large amounts of adrenaline and heavy metals, they secreted the neurotoxins inflaming my central nervous system.

Why heavy metals?

According to Anthony Williams, Medical Medium, he says that heavy metals are a prime food for bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and worms.

You might be asking yourself, where do they come from? in fact, they are everywhere!

Aluminium –  You can get aluminium toxicity from cans such as coke, fanta beer. Also cookware, or the cooking or wrapping food in aluminium foil. The chemtrails being sprayed from planes is mostly aluminium.

Lead – from old house piping and cement

Mercury – dental amalgams fillings, seafood, fish

Arsenic  – Can come from sprayed foods, therefore it is always best to buy organic. If not, then the best advice is to wash produce with apple cider vinegar and then rinse off. Rice also contains levels of arsenic.

Cadmium – comes from the smoke of cigarettes

Copper –  can come from intrauterine devices (IUD), uncoated copper cookware.

This list is in no way comprehensive, but gives an idea of what we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Tinnitus removed in just one kinesiology session

Ms A came to me with a low-pitched, throbbing and pulsating type of tinnitus which came about after a viral infection.

In her first session, I looked at her acid and enzyme levels in the stomach, which were out of balance . This is important to look at and address, because the stomach juices destroy any incoming pathogens from the food we eat and fluid we drink. This is a significant way to boost her immune system.

I tested her endocrine system, this is to say, all the glands in her body. They were all out of balance and there was a viral and heavy metal imbalance detected.

I used a variety of methods to correct the imbalances as I typically do in a kinesiology session.

Most of the supplements which strengthened her muscle using kinesiology testing were immune boosters and the heavy metal detox protocol for 1 month.

Ms A returned to the clinic exactly one month later and had no tinnitus. Upon taking the supplements, bach flower remedies and the heavy metal detox protocol, the tinnitus had gone entirely after 1 week and a half.

Factors that may contribute to tinnitus

Gut health is one of the most important areas to address. If your bowels do not function properly, there may be a backup of toxicity and this can enter the bloodstream (not a nice thought) and cause a burden on the liver.

In this day and age, it requires some daily love and attention to assist our bodies in the removal of potential pathogens, toxicity, and waste.

Good bowel movements should be 2-3 times a day. We can help assist the bowels with aloe vera, probiotics, magnesium, cascara sagrada are just a few.

A quick note I would like to make is that there are foods that can be highly constipating such as wheat.

Being dehydrated will cause constipation too. Drink plenty of water and reduce or eliminate alcohol, coffee and black tea.

Stress can, in any case, play a vital role in many health problems. It’s always a good thing to reduce stress in however way is possible. Adaptogenic supplements can help you to perceive stress in a different way and helps to relax the nervous system, such as siberian ginseng, licorice root (do not take with high blood pressure), vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex.

Viral,bacterial,fungal imbalances  – boosting the immune system is always going to be a good thing to do. There are many different types of supplements and herbal teas that can assist with this. To name a few, there is echinacea, wild oregano oil, garlic, and grapefruit seed extract.

Poor liver function. The liver has many different types of functions. One of the roles involved is important for correct blood pressure. It is also another important organ for immune system function. There is a huge amount of blood being pumped to and from the head and there are blood vessels that run closely to the ear canals. Blood vessels that are constricted in any way or not as flexible can be a tinnitus causing factor.

Dr John Christopher, the famed natural herbalist, notes the importance of cayenne for the circulatory system, and blood pressure. 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder in warm water stops a heart attack. 1 tsp of cayenne pepper taken 3 times a day equalizes the blood pressure from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

I have often taken cayenne pepper and what I felt was a tingling sensation throughout the whole body, althoughly mostly intense around the head.

Poor kidney function. The kidney secretes a hormone called renin which is vital for correct blood pressure levels. As mentioned above, the state of the blood vessels can be a factor of tinnitus.

Head or neck trauma such as in a car accident can cause a malformation of the capillaries when there is an abnormal connect between the arteries and the veins.

In kinesiology, there is a technique to release cellular memory of injuries and facilitate healing.

Some reflexology to stimulate circulation and healing to the ears

tinnitus ears foot reflexology

The area beneath the toes on the plantar aspect of both feet relate to the reflexes of the ears and eyes.

Stimulating this area can boost increased circulation, oxygen and nerve supply to this area. Press and rub firmly and concentrate of the areas that are most tender.

Reflexology is also relaxing and enables an overall sense of wellbeing.

By all means, if you do have any abnormal sounds in your ear, it is a good idea to check with your Doctor first and get all the usual check ups.