Lose weight successfully with kinesiology

Lose Weight easily with Kinesiology

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I have quite a number of clients come to me in the recent years seeking help with their weight from the local areas of Javea, Moraira, Calpe, Denia and Benissa. And all of my clients have expressed delight with the results! There are 2 areas of Kinesiology in which I am drawn to be specialising in, and these are weight loss and digestive challenges. Why? Because I just love seeing the rapid transformation, and the body fascinates me to no end as to how quickly it can change once you give it the tools it needs.

Here in this blog I want to help you understand what contributes to weight gain, how kinesiology can help with weight loss, and various methods used to help achieve the desirable weight.

What contributes to weight gain?

There can be many factors that can contribute to weight gain and this is why a detailed form is filled out on the first session. Some of the main things that I look at are:

What foods and drinks are being ingested for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

Lifestyle – sedentary/active

Stomach enzymes: are you digesting your food? The right enzyme will be found using kinesiology to ensure maximum nutrition uptake availability.

Number of bowel movements in a day. This is important as we should have between 2-3 bowel movements a day. When we ingest food, it should take between 18-20 hours to be released. If not, then faeces is being retained in the gut which can contribute to bloating/wind, feeling lethargic due to an unhealthy environment in the gut and due to bacterial and microbial imbalance.

Blood sugar imbalances – sugar and carbohydrate cravings can cause a seesaw action of blood sugars spiking high and low. Refined carbohydrates (such as white bread, pasta, popcorn, pastry)  and white sugar is like injecting and dumping pure sugar into the bloodstream. This puts a strain on the pancreas, the liver and the adrenals that all work together to balance correct blood sugars levels. Complex whole carbohydrates like brown rice take much longer for the body to break down, thus allowing a slower release of sugar into the bloodstream.

Hormonal – the entire endocrine (hormonal) system works together. The thyroid can often contribute to weight gain by being under or hypo-active. What could cause the thyroid to be under active? High levels of oestrogen are thyroid disruptors, and interestingly, this can come from animal produce that has been plumped up with oestrogen so that they grow quicker and sent to the supermarket in half the time than in their normal growth period. Cows milk and soy also have a very high level of oestrogen.

Emotional: did the weight gain start at a particular time in your life when there was a trauma? A break up, a loved one passing away, school bullying, verbal or physical abuse from parents?


How Kinesiology works with weight loss

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a form of communication between the body and a higher energy which determines what will improve your current state out of chaos and into order and wellbeing. That which built you has the power to heal you.

A weak muscle being tested indicates an imbalance, the aim of the work is to strengthen it. There are 1,500 positive biological changes with every muscle correction.

The imbalances are corrected through a combination of lymphatic stimulation (chapman’s reflexes), emotional work, energy work (balancing meridians, chakras), and also determining what nutritional supplements or lifestyle changes are needed. This truly is a holistic therapy encompassing the structural (physical), emotional, nutritional and energy realms.

According to the above mentioned possible factors of weight imbalance, kinesiology will help to:

  • Discover what foods your body is sensitive to and what may be inhibiting weight-loss
  • Discover the right supplement to help you breakdown the food easier and absorb nutrients more effectively. You are what you absorb, not what you eat!
  • Enhance the function of the gut and balance the number of bowel movements. The Ileo-cecal valve is a valve between the large intestine and small intestine, it prevents the back flow of waste material back into the small intestine. If this is out of sorts, it can cause many digestive and muscle disturbances, headaches, skin issues etc..  There are also the rings of Houston found on the opposite side to the Ileo-cecal valve and if the rings are weak or flaccid, then faeces may be circulating for some time before making its way out.
  • Balance your blood sugars by finding out the right supplement and  discovering the unique combination of tapping points to change blood chemistry imbalance.
  • Balance the hormonal system through a special kinesiology protocol, finding out the supplements that will work to restore order to the system.
  • Safely look at the possible emotional root cause and what system in the body it is affecting (digestive, hormonal etc..). Being able to observe the pain, and allowing the experience to run its course through the body is a way to release emotional pain and its rippling effects. Bach flower remedies are used to help with the emotional realm. A unique bach flower remedy blend is given for free at the end of every session.

In order to clean a house, you must first see the mess

Your body is your house and it is important that we look within to be able to clean it up.

The most effective way to lose weight

When you follow the advice/protocol as close as possible, that was discovered for you from your kinesiology session, you will notice the most significant changes in a very short amount of time.

Although I test supplements, they are intended for a short time only and not for the rest of your entire life. It’s just whats needed in the moment to give a boost to your body.

Every little thing that you do all adds up and makes a huge difference.

Here is a little list that will for sure help with losing weight:

  • Kinesiology sessions
  • Exercise – contact me if you would like some suggestions who to go to
  • Eat organic, get them from local places such as Oscar’s in Javea or Jesus Pobre Sunday market
  • Eliminate wheat (pasta, pizza, cous cous, bread, cakes, biscuits) cows milk, refined sugar and salt from the diet for 6 weeks. The healthier alternatives are: rye bread, oats, home made cakes and biscuits without wheat, almond/oat milk, himalayan salt, maple syrup, honey.
  • Be careful with carbohydrates, better to have whole grain rice instead of white rice.
  • A Welles step or squatty potty for effective defecation
  • Drink plenty of still filtered water with nothing added to it.
  • Eat small regular meals, 5 x a day. This will keep blood sugars stable.

There are many supplements on the market that will help with weight loss, although how will you know which one will work for you? This is where kinesiology works so well to determine what your body needs and wants. Some supplements that I often test for losing weight are:

Vitamin B complex and individual B’s , Vitamin C, adaptogens such as siberian ginseng to help the body respond better to stress. Zinc for digestion and immune. L-carnitine helps the body to use up the fat to convert to energy. Different blood sugar stabilisers such as chromium, cinnamon, spirulina (also helps to reduce appetite). Lecithin (supports liver also). Omega 3,6,9 essential for brain and allowing nutrients to enter the cell efficiently,

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