“My daughter no longer needs a wheelchair”

My daughter, Georgina, was unable to walk quite suddenly, and for an entire year was bound to a wheelchair. We went to see different specialists in the health care industry Doctors, Physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc.. and had scans, blood tests, anything that would get my daughter walking again. I felt hopeless as I wasn’t getting answers and there was no improvement. I was recommended by a friend for Georgina to see Michelle for kinesiology sessions. Michelle has passion in her total holistic approach and I knew that there was hope yet. Through making some dietary and lifestyle changes and seeing Michelle every 2 weeks, my daughter no longer needs her wheelchair, and is able to have a normal life just like a teenager should! Without Michelle I don’t know where we would be. Thank you. xxx – Linda



“After years of suffering I can now lead a normal life”

I have been to see Michelle 3 times and i’m blown away!!! Emotionally and physically Michelle has worked wonders with me, such a talented, loving warm young lady….after years of suffering I can now lead a normal life…i can but not quantify the experience that i’ve, and never envisaged anyone possibly being able to do for me….thank you Michelle – Lisa




“My food cravings disappeared and I have lost 3kg without trying”

“Wow! I don’t know what it is that Michelle does for me, it works! I don’t want to describe what goes on in the treatment because you have to experience it for yourself. I don’t know it was a coincidence but the day after my treatment I felt like I had a bad case of food poisoning for 24 hours, but I really felt like that needed to happen and since then I have felt great. I have made some changes to my diet which were easy to make, my food cravings disappeared, I have more energy and lost 3 kg already, without trying. Plus the other health problems I had which led me to seek her help are much better. Do yourself a favour and just go see her” – Kathleen



“I now don’t experience the hot sweats associated with pre-menopause”

“I have had two outstanding kinesiology treatments with another one booked next week. The results have been remarkable with balancing my hormones so I now don’t experience the hot sweats associated with pre menopause YEAH… and my dread of driving has improved tremendously. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and her caring professional nature shines through. If you’re looking for a therapist in the Javea area I certainly recommend Michelle. Thank you!” – Shirley



“Wonderful experience”

“Wonderful experience. I highly recommend Michelle. Lovely lady, very knowledgeable. Works wonders. Thank you” – Lynda



My wrist is much better”

“I have tried Michelle’s treatment several times..as Im a therapist too Im very picky and not easy to find someone who not only knowing what she does but she does it from her heart…Thanks Michelle last treatment was fab as always..My wrist is much better…thank you thank you!! I really recommend her!!” – Anita



“It really opened some doors to healing myself”

“I had an excellent first treatment from Michelle…an amazing experience from an incredibly professional and talented Lady who works so hard because she loves it and she cares!!! It really opened some doors to healing myself – Thank you!!!!” – Jamie



“Highly recommended”

“I had a great treatment from Michelle. Highly recommended!” – Q



“A massive difference after a Reiki session”

“Great professional and brilliant results. 100% recommended. She brings you the harmony was lost, your confidence comes back to you and you feel a massive difference after a reiki session. Definitely I will repeat.” – Rebecca



“HIGHLY recommend”

“This lady is amazing just simply amazing would highly HIGHLY recommend” – Helen



“Restored energy levels”

Michelle has helped me overcome numerous health issues and restore normal energy levels. She is exceptional and passionate about what she does. Highly recommended.” – Rachel


“You must give it a try”

“I had reflexology and kinesiology sessions from michelle before and they have all been very helpful to the aches and pains I had. She is very present during the session and gives you 100% attention to the issues you have and want addressed. You must give it a try.” – Tobias



“Gifted healer”

Michelle is a gifted healer. She is dedicated and professional. I recommend her. Mrs. Karla Darocas – Darocas Media




“Knowledge, passion and understanding”

“There are not many people I trust to have treatments from and I would refer to myself as a very selective person when it comes to this. Michelle is one of THE most professional therapists I have had the pleasure of spending time with, her knowledge is amazing and her understanding and passion for what she does truly does make it feel safe and in GREAT hands. I would HIGHLY recommend a session with this lady – and regularly too.” – Gareth Stubbs. DTOXD retreat



“Less back pain after a single session”

“I went to see Michelle to have my first treatment of reflexology and I am already looking foward to the next one. I am feeling better than in the last 3 months now. Less pain in the back after a single session make me one of your fans. Completly recommend your treatments.” – Barbara