The 4 Nastiest Foods

There are plenty of nasty, ill-enhancing foods which can be easily found anywhere. In this blog, I want to break it down to 4 food groups which you most definitely need to eliminate from your diet if you want any chance of improving your health and well-being. It’s a bold statement, but that is the truth!

Where I live around Javea, there is a wealth and abundance of fruits and vegetables to be found. I love going to the Thursday market to Javea, Friday market in Moraira, or a very cute one to go to is the Jesus Pobre Farmers market on Sundays. Jesus Pobre is a favorite of mine because they sell pretty much all organic food, they sell cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil, raw honey, handmade crafts and clothes, and more.

When you have these beautiful, fresh fruits and vegetables around you, why would you go to a supermarket? You can support these local hard working people and I would even say, its better quality, and cheaper!

When I go to a supermarket, I ignore 90% of it because the products are just not life-supporting and I will explain why below. The only reason I would go to the supermarket would be to get toilet rolls and kitchen rolls, and thats pretty much it. The rest I get from the farmers market and the local health shop.

The 4 nasty foods to eliminate

1. Wheat – found in bread, biscuits, sauces, pastas, noodles, couscous, cakes.

wheat javea moraira denia calpeThis is a huge one for people as its a daily staple for many. Wheat is inflammatory by nature and can be a primary cause for stiffness, aches/pains, acne, bloating/wind, lethargy, fatigue, migraines, weight gain.

Haven’t you ever wondered why you often get that afternoon tiredness after eating a sandwich?

White flour contains aluminium, which is a heavy metal, which is used to avoid the flour clumping together. You do not want heavy metals poisoning your blood and your brain!

Wheat contains the highest amount of gluten, which is a “glue” like substance that coats the intestinal tract. In the small intestines, we have villi, they are finger-like projections that absorb the nutrients and minerals from the food and into the bloodstream. Well, the gluten just covers this villi and can suffocate them. So, no matter how much goodness you are putting in the body, including supplements, you are not optimising the absorption rate.

Wheat is the first grain to be genetically modified (GMO).

In kinesiology, I do a muscle test involving raising a straight leg up in the air slowly and then back down. The leg should initially feel smooth as it is raised up and down. On every occasion I have put a piece of bread on the person lying down doing the test, and they either struggle with raising the leg up in the air, or are unable to raise the leg at all. This is the EMPOWERING effect of kinesiology as the person is able to see, really see, what wheat does to their body! There is no doubt that wheat, even whole-grain, organic wheat, has a paralysing effect on the body.

Wheat in Spanish is called “Trigo”. Other common/hidden names for wheat is modified starch, rusk, seitan, spelt

Wheat will stay in the cells of your body for 3-4 weeks, if you really want to see the true benefits, you must stick to eliminating wheat for 6 weeks.


2. Dairy – cheese, milk, butter, cream, yogurt

milk cheese javea moraira denia calpe

Do you remember when you were told milk was good for you? Why are we the only mammals that drink other mammals milk? That’s because we aren’t supposed to! It’s for the calf! Side note: the cows are made pregnant continuously just to supply us with milk, the calfs are taken away from their mother as soon as they are born, leaving the mother very distressed and depressed. The food industry is not particularly pleasant when you look into what they do.

Dairy is hugely mucous producing and allergy causing. It inflames your digestive tract and because it irritates the lining of your digestive tract, your body produces mucous to protect the lining! Have you not noticed when you eat a milk chocolate bar, that you feel you have a mucous coating in your throat, and your voice gets all raspy? Milk can also be a main cause for sinus complaints and snoring.

If you are going to have anything at all, you are better off with raw, organic sheep or goat cheese. Not to make a habit of it, only on the odd occasion.


3. Table Salt – Its found in any food that has salt on it’s ingredients list!

salt javea moraira denia calpe

I was shocked the first time I heard this. Table salt contains a mixture of glass and sand, this is incredibly harmful to your body as it is abrasive to anywhere the salt travels in your body, including veins and arteries!

The unnatural white colour of salt is also due to the bleaching process, another toxin for the body..

Choose himalayan (pink) salt, grey salt, or good quality sea salt instead.




4. Sugar – found in sweets, cakes, biscuits, sauces, ready-made foods, cereals, soda drinks

sugar javea calpe denia moraira

Sugar… I’m talking about the processed, refined white stuff. This is incredibly addictive and the body uses it for quick energy, but its a false kind of energy. It gives no nutrients at all.

Sugar causes obesity, mood swings, fatigue, liver damage, high blood pressure, hyperactivity in children

Other common labels for sugar are fructose, high fructose corn syrup,  anything with “-ose” at the end would indicate sugar. Also aspartame, a sweetener, is worse than sugar.

Another highly shocking thing that I saw whilst I was on the tube in London, was a MacMillan Cancer support poster promoting a coffee morning with all these sugar filled cakes. I mean…. hello??!! I just have to post an image of their poster below for you to see it with your own eyes.

Go for natural forms of sugar instead, found in honey, maple syrup, dates and fruit.


Here is this MacMillan cancer poster promoting sugar. Don’t they know that sugar has a negative effect on the body? Especially when the body is in such a desperate state of healing, surely you would only supply the body with foods that heal.

Macmillan javea denia calpe moraira

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